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Wallingford Heights

In this cozy mystery Estelle and the Hair Raisers of The Vine Salon will solve the murders Sophia Stanton is accused of committing.

It is 1893 and Sophia Stanton, granddaughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, is making waves in peaceful Wallingford Heights, Massachusetts. She has the audacity to suggest women should be allowed to vote! When prominent men who oppose her are murdered, the Constabulary need look no further than the rebel rouser Sophia Stanton. But the Hair Raisers, a group of three women who operate one of the first salons in the country decide they will look further. 

“The truth isn’t always jumping up to bite you. But it’s there if you look for it.”

This is the first installment of the Wallingford Anthology, which examines the effects of generational wealth over a one-hundred-forty year period. 

Price :

$2.99 on Kindle

It is more than just writing books

It is creating worlds, living vicariously through our favorite characters, sometimes saying things we wish we had said to someone in our past.


I am self-published and I work with other authors who wish to do the same. It is my pleasure to help them - not my business.

Selling Book

Getting my books into the hands of readers and then, hopefully, reading their reviews, is what drives me to write. I love the process.


All of my books have been self-edited but each one is going through a full professional edit for release.


I am a member of more than two dozen Indie Author Facebook groups. Fans and Authors unite on these sites

About Author

Writing books makes the world go round

I write with the reader in mind. My goal is to entertain and describe a world, a life, an adventure or a setting in a way that touches the readers heart. Adrenaline rush or soothing comfort, whatever the reader is looking for, I want to provide in my books. Good guys will always win. Villains have to lose in my world.

Blake Franklin Investigations or the adventures and heroics of Quincy Ashford. West Virginia, Texas or soon – Wallingford Heights, Massachusetts are the locales for my books. Make yourself at home and enjoy a great book.

NeXT ReleasE march 2024

Crossing Big Coal River
Fire on the Mountain

Quincy Ashford is back with more challenges to his life on Big Coal River and the good people of Boone County, West Virginia.

Making moonshine is a way of life for some people in the mountains. Drinking it is a part of life for many others. When a homicidal maniac threatens the community and the “shiners” are being murdered in cold blood, the community takes up arms to protect their own. Quincy will face his most difficult challenge in Crossing Big Coal River – Fire on the Mountain. Don’t miss the gripping story of zealot criminality and wanton disregard for the people and the mountain up on Big Coal River.

Price :

$2.99 on Kindle


Customer Reviews

A Riveting Start to Captivating Series

Reviewed  in the U.K. June 2024

Verified Purchase

Wow! What a read! I read this in one sitting, unable to put it down.
When two men are murdered on the same night, a young woman is set up by the actual killer. If found guilty she will hang!


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