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Welcome to Ryan Hale Publishing

We Support Indie Authors

As an Independent Author, I have come to really appreciate the Indie Author community and their willingness to support one another. There are so many wonderful writers who selflessly give of their time and expertise to help new and experienced authors navigate the business of selling books.

As a publisher, it is my pleasure to bring new authors to readers. I work with talented people representing all genres and will support them with editing, formatting, illustration, consultation, marketing – anything they need to succeed as an author.

The struggles I have had and the support I have found, have been life changing for me. It is my goal to provide as much support as I possibly can without charging ridiculous prices for my services.

I will post supportive information, walk authors through tasks or take them on myself to help them get where they want to go.

Getting high quality books into the hands of readers, to positively effect the lives of the fans of some very talented writers – that’s the goal of Ryan Hale Publishing.

It is more than just writing books

It is about providing what the readers are looking for in entertainment.


We are here to support the process for Independent Authors to get their works up on Amazon.

Selling Book

All titles available on numerous book selling sites, but Amazon is the primary location for all books.


We will perform edit work for other Indie Authors at very reasonable prices. .02 per word in most cases for grammar, spelling and punctuation.


The Indie Author Community as represented by membership on Facebook Group pages and having self-published work on Amazon.

The Team

Our Creative Team

Not just a one man show.

John D. Black


Amanda Baughn





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